Join Mae for Black Breastfeeding Week!

August 25th – August 30th is the 10th anniversary of Black Breastfeeding Week – an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of breastfeeding and all that comes with it.

But let’s face it – the Black breastfeeding experience, like birthing, has a history layered in implicit and explicit bias and barriers to information, resources, and support, that have directly impacted the health and quality of life of Black mothers, babies, and birth workers.

We know our lived experiences directly affect our birth and feeding journey. Who we are matters and how we’re supported during pregnancy and postpartum can make all the difference in our, and our children’s lives.

This Black Breastfeeding Week, we are focused on empowerment, education, representation, and connection. Most importantly, we are sharing resources to improve your breastfeeding and motherhood journey – whatever that journey looks like and wherever it takes you.

We hope you will celebrate with us!

🖤 Team Mae


Instagram LIVE with Dr. Joy of Culture Care on Instagram @ 12 PM EST

The “Olivia Pope of OBGYN,” Dr. Joy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Culture Care, a California-based telehealth platform connecting Black women with culturally competent providers and serving as a resource for information, support, and preparedness as we navigate a healthcare system that does not often reflect our needs or experiences.

We’ll be talking about the postpartum phase, the culture of breastfeeding, and the stages of infant feeding, (and beyond…) This will be a fun and informative conversation with an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate provider.

Find more here and join us LIVE on IG!


Instagram LIVE with Akina on Instagram @ 1 PM EST 

Finding community through conversation

We couldn’t be more excited to get together with the women behind MeetAkina – a hub dedicated to Black mothers and women seeking community, connection, and resources. 

Akina Co-Founders Leigh Higginbotham Butler and Stephanie Roberts will join Mae’s Head of Product Britney Morgan and VP of Marketing Rachel Nance Wade to share stories and speak to the value of having our own space to foster community.

If you don’t have an Akina profile yet, check it out at and join us on IG!


Conversations That Matter webinar on Zoom (RSVP to join us) @ 1 PM EST

Preparing for Pregnancy, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, and Beyond

Looking for some real talk about What To Expect? We’ve got you!

Many of us think we’re prepared for this journey but what we actually experience may be very different. There is so much to learn from those who have been there before us and finding people who are willing to tell you the TRUTH is key!

Mae’s signature webinar series – Conversations That Matter – is back in celebration of Black Breastfeeding Week.

We have gathered a group of women who have lived the experience and are providing solutions and support.

Kashuna Watts is a birth and postpartum doula in Mississippi with extensive experience supporting breastfeeding moms and her own unique breastfeeding journey to share.

Shannan Clarke is a mom of 2 and founded Queen & Baby to provide concrete resources for moms navigating breastfeeding while returning to work. 

Dr. Akilah is a member of The Black Girl Doctor – a virtual mental health resource supporting Black women. She is a working mom of an 11-month-old and is in the process of launching a support group for mothers.

…and with Rachel Nicks, Founder of Birth Queen and mom of 2, moderating this one, we know it will be fun, informative, and REAL!

RSVP for some candid conversation and real solutions!


On Mae’s Blog: Birth Equity Advocacy Project (BEAP) Director Morgan White has something to say! 

As the Director of the BEAP, Morgan White is putting her decade of government experience advocating for Civil Rights and Women and Children’s rights to incredible use as she leads a team focused on addressing and improving the birthing experience and health of Black women and babies. She is sharing her voice and incredible knowledge with Mae on a topic that she is so passionate about – the history of Black Breastfeeding. (Spoiler alert: It is layered with biases that directly impact our experiences today.)

Read her piece to learn the facts and find ways to act. Coming soon.

Check out previous Conversations That Matter replays here.

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