Mae Expert Spotlight: Meet Tichanda Thompson, Certified Child Educator, Doula and Owner of DoulaBox

In honor of International Doula Month, we wanted to shine a bright light on one of Mae’s doulas who is not only doing the incredible work of supporting birthing women during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum but also innovating in this space to create a way for more women to have access to the invaluable support doula’s provide.

After experiencing a miscarriage and mistreatment from multiple healthcare providers during her first pregnancy, Tichanda Thompson turned to midwifery care and hired a doula when she was pregnant a second time.

“My doula focused on me and helped me understand the options and resources available to me during my pregnancy. She showed me how to care for myself and take time to honor my passage and transition into motherhood.”
Her experience led her to birth work herself and ultimately the creation of DoulaBox.

“I wanted to become a doula, and I dreamt up the idea of gifting a doula to all my friends when I was pregnant with my second son.”

Hoping to provide the type of information and care her doula provided her, Thompson became a certified childbirth educator, and doula and launched DoulaBox, the first black-owned pregnancy subscription box created by a childbirth educator and doula.

“I hope that when DoulaBox arrives each trimester it will be a reminder to take time, slow down, reach out, ask questions, reflect, and connect with yourself. You and your baby deserve nothing less.”

Thank you for the work you do @lifefaithbirth. Mae Mama’s are lucky to have you!

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